Xenia Community Center

The Xenia Community Center (XCC) is the former home of Nazarene Christian School, which closed in 2011.  The space has been repurposed and is now used to meet the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional needs of Greene County and beyond.  The building is on one level, offers public WiFi and has reasonably-priced rental fees.  

We have been blessed with our facilities, and we want the XCC to be an available resource to the community.  We love it when our building is in use and the parking lot is full.  If your group is interested in using any of the XCC rooms listed below, please contact the church office (937.372.0708) for details.  The schedule fills up fast, so don't delay.  

  • full-sized gym (generally used by organizations; typically requires a Certificate of Insurance)
  • one double-sized classroom (50'x25') with a refrigerator, microwave and sink
  • several single-sized classrooms (25'x25')

Forms needed to reserve a room are:  XCC Activity Request Form and XCC Usage Expectations