Scatter Films

Led by a small team of people passionate about film production, Scatter Films is an outreach ministry dedicated to creating family-friendly media that will both entertain and challenge people to think about deeper issues in the world, their families, and their own hearts.  For more information, check out our Facebook page.

If you are interested in creating sermon intro video ideas and scripts, acting in or supporting one of our short videos, please contact us at our Facebook page above.


Soul Chaser (2017):  Eight years ago, Amanda Walker's brush with the darkness left its mark.  Now on the run from the Shadow that haunted her childhood, Amanda--along with her protective brother and a Paraclete guardian--finds herself caught once again in a war between light and dark where nothing is what it seems.  And the true battle will be fought not with physical weapons but within her heart.

An allegory of good and evil, Soul Chaser is a feature-length original movie created by a cast and crew of volunteers within our church and the Xenia area designed to get young teens to realize that there is a war taking place in their hearts.