Understand your past...see god transform your future

Conference for men and women

presented by

Hope Hub Xenia

April 1-2, 2022

Xenia Community Center

(1265 W. 2nd St., Xenia)

Speaker:  Dr. Tammy Smith, author of

Soul Healing: Living beyond the pain of your past

In the introduction of her book, Dr. Smith writes, "Trapped in collateral damage from experiencing hurt, difficulty, and pain...?  There is more for you in Christ.  The sole intention of this book is to free you that you might live out His truest purpose and deepest desire for you, resulting in your good, but ultimately for His glory!  (pg. 15)

Cymp Stemple, of Hope Hub Xenia and Coffee Hub Ohio, says...

Our heart is to see people live free, full of joy and peace and do that despite their circumstances! God used this book [Soul Healing] to change me in lots of powerful ways….I am not the judge, people are doing their best, that the Lord LONGS to be gracious to us, that I can have joy despite my circumstances, that God wants to help me/us, that I am NEVER ALONE and that is just the beginning.  Why would we put on a conference? Because we believe this material helps people! Come join us in April and join the journey!  ...And you will not find a conference with better coffee!

Come and hear Dr. Smith share from her book about healing, hope, and freedom that can be found through our Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ!


All proceeds from this event go to Hope Hub Xenia.

This is a short video of one difference the material of Dr. Tammy Smith has made in my life…I could write a book about this journey.  You should know it’s not another self-help resource with only the power to bring momentary relief. It’s a practical look at the heart of God, which generates hope that He can restore you to spiritual, emotional, mental and physics wholeness.   --Cymp Stemple