100 % Giveaway Offering

Once a year, we give it all away!  At Xenia Nazarene, we work hard to ALWAYS use our resources as a

blessing--not only to our community, but to Ohio, the United States, and around the world.  However,

once a year--one designated Sunday in December--we have a 100% offering giveaway.  Every

undesignated penny that comes in the offering that Sunday leaves our church and goes straight to

people in need.  The money is split between local charities/ministries, people in need who have been

nominated by a Xenia Naz attendee, missionaries overseas, and our ForXenia projects.  

$36,014 in 2023

$35,130 in 2022

$35,076 in 2021

$35,706 in 2020

$40,394 in 2019

$44,874 in 2018

$49,422 in 2017

$36,691 in 2016

$32,193 in 2015

$28,900 in 2014

$30,000 in 2013